Houston Egg Art Guild

How to Make Dough for Glue

This is Marilyn Power’s recipe

 1 cup Cornstarch (Argo or Kingston)
¾ Cup Elmers White glue all
½ cup water
1 tsp Baby Oil
1 tsp Plain Ponds cold cream

Cook in electric wok or skillet, stir until smooth at medium heat or 350 degrees

If touched and deosn’t stick to fingers remove and let it cool.

Knead when still warm to make it smooth.

Store in saran wrap inside a zip loc bag at room temp.

When applying the dough, use white glue on egg, apply small amount of dough, use more glue between it and the attachment like a teapot handle and spout.  The teapot spout will stick right away, and you will be able to move these for a little while to center them. Definitely better than expoxy

Marilyn Powers also makes roses from these instead of bread dough, by coloring the dough, chalk the center of the flower, and seal with spray sealer